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The Privacy Advocates

If the fight to legally keep your privacy private and your identity safe is important to you and your family, then you NEED to join this united effort.
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Quantum Leap x 3

Take a Quantum Leap in your life with personal and professional alliances while exposing your current business as well as increasing your income through the QLx3 Membership and the QLxChange!
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Freedom Financial Group

Payoff ALL your Debt including your mortgage
in an average of 6-12 years & NO budget change.
EIGHT Financial Products - which one fits you?.
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New Precedence Ltd.

Attend the "Wake Up America" Financial Training, Receive FX Trading Prompts
from NPL's Expert Traders Group, Look forward to the future 3-D educational
courses fully interactive for children and people of all ages and cultures
around the globe. Currently accepting Founders.

Founders will NEVER pay the monthly subscription cost only!
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Electricty / Engine Modifications

Products that will revolutionize almost every industry.
See amazing breakthroughs in technology.
A plan to revolutionize energy production in America.
Convert ANY car into an alternative fuel vehicle.
Increase mileage 400%, Eliminate Emissions
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Significantly Enhance Your Business Model
Zero conflict with your existing enterprise
State-Of-The-Art 'Virtual Conferencing' 24/7
Create a dynamic web presence
Receive $1000's of iBusiness tools
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  • Free Cell Phones!
  • No Credit Checks!
  • No Contracts!
  • No Early-Cancellation Penalties or Fees
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24/7 PC Tech Support service, PC Education Training CD's,
Nutritional Products, Personal Care Products and Personal Collections.
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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patients in the care of the human frame in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease." -- Thomas Alva Edison

Trilogy Essentials

A trilogy of products with proprietary compounds reaching in at the cellular level.
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Unique product line from the sea especially the FrequenSea with phytoplakton.
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Immune system wonder product from the sea.
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Product line naturally grown and manufactured by URI.
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Natural Air

Be sure you are breathing clean air and drinking clean water!

LIVE Santa Claus

Kids enjoy a visit with Santa, a story, a bit of reindeer education, and x-mas music.
Parents enjoy watching their kids have fun, learning, and shopping in the workshops.
LIVE Santa Claus Website

The Newbie Club

Are you a NEW computer and internet user?
If so, The Newbie Club can provide you with all the beginner
tutorials you need written in plain english!

Newsletters provide tips and useful information, your members area has all kinds of useful information and FREE stuff too. Other more detailed courses are available for purchase at very reasonable prices.
The Newbie Club Membership itself is FREE.
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The Classified Club

Ever wonder how others have learned how to submit their websites to
search engines, classified ad sites, newsletters, FFA pages?
Well here's where you can learn too!

Not only that, but there are some really COOL extra's you can receive. Tools such as 3 EASY to create websites, free downloadable time-saving programs and time-saving submissions!
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LIVE Support
LIVE Support Room Instructions

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