Paying It Forward with The Power of 3

In the movie "Pay It Forward" (based on a true story by the way), a young boy was given a Social Studies project..."Think of an idea to change the world - and put it into action." He proposed to his teacher and class that everyone decide to help 3 other people in some way...and then instead of expecting a "pay it back"...for each person who was helped to help 3 more other people... "pay it FORWARD". This concept caught on so quickly that it spread not only in his school and city, but it spread out across the state. Media reporters got wind of what was going on and began back-tracking to find the originator of this concept. It was amazing what they found on their treck backwards...all the wonderful things people had done for each other. If a young boy can spur the hearts of people to help each other, then we should do no less.

Resource4Us is all about helping people. Helping them to live a better life with quality products and services and less financial stress...with the financial education they need to protect themselves and their families. Not only can an individual build a very large bank account, but they can learn how to generate their own true retirement and how to legally protect it. They can enjoy better health and overall well-being. To improve the world, people must learn to welcome change.

However, we alone cannot magically produce the income for all our teammates to be able to afford the quality products and services. Income is derived from the sales of either a service or a product. No matter what industry you may currently be in, it is selling SOMETHING to consumers or clients. The key is to find something that everyone needs or wants. you and other people you know need or want any of the products or services which are contained within our portfolio? We expect so. The compaines are providing the products and services as well as compensating individual distributors or affiliates for their efforts which produces financial security without having to hope and pray that the company who employ’s them is going to let them continue building THEIR security. Here we help the individual build their OWN security not depending on someone else.

We suggest that each member builds their security by HELPING OTHERS to do the same. AND...focus simply on helping JUST THREE. Help those 3 people to do the same and the results from the spread of JUST THREE will amaze you. If each teammate succeeds in assisting just 3 other individuals to start building their own portfolio and teaches them to duplicate the same, the personal satisfaction of helping others plus the financial security you build will change your life!

Suffering is caused by hate or negligence...Caring about others results in changed lives. FOCUS ON THREE. Learn all you can like a sponge and soak in all you can...then squeeze that sponge and "Pay It Forward"! Try to start out with three company's to represent and begin marketing, but if only one is possible then give it your all and help 3 others to do the same. No matter what...FOCUS ON THREE and PAY IT FORWARD!

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