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Minimum Requirements
  • A desktop or laptop PC with Microsoft Windows installed.
  • Minimum 1GHz CPU (Will work on less but not as well)
  • 256MB RAM
  • An internet connection
  • Headset w/ microphone, or speakers and desktop mic for voice capabilities

Web browser requirements:

  • Pop-ups must be allowed. You must disable pop-up blocking software.
  • Sun Java (most recent version) installed on your computer.
  • Netscape 4.0 (or higher), Internet Explorer 5.5 (or higher), or any Java-enabled web browser.
  • Browser enabled for Java and Javascript.

Follow these simple instructions to use this powerful yet easy to use communication tool.

You may want to print out this page for easy reference.

Should you need any assistance, Email Resource4Us Support


  1. Download the software. Click on or type this link into your internet browser's address line:
  2. When the download box pops up, be sure to choose either the open or run (not Save) option when prompted. (Only download the software once unless you need to reinstall!)
  3. The Install Wizard will take you through the process easily.

TO USE iConference...

  1. You MUST start this software before you attempt to enter the room. Double-click on the iC icon from your desktop.
    Note: iConference CL minimizes to a tiny headset icon in the lower-right corner near your clock. Right-clicking on this icon gives a menu of options.
  2. Wait while iC connects to the Network. When the earphones on the tiny headset icon change from white to red and blue you are connected (online).
  3. Enter the Resource4Us iConference Support Room
  4. Now the iC room window will pop up on your screen for you.

    As a guest, you can now communicate with Resource4Us Support via voice and text chat as well as see him via webcam video.
    If you had your own room like Resource4Us does and were a moderator, you would also have additional moderator control features.
  5. To type a message to Support, place your cursor in the white box that is in between this tool bar and this tool bar . Type your message and hit your 'Enter' button on your keyboard.
  6. To speak to Support, click on this button and speak into the microphone you have connected on your computer. Your microphone is on when it looks like this
    If you want to speak to Support just like you are on the phone, you need to use a headset that you plug into your speaker. Then you can leave your microphone turned on the whole time and its just like if you were on the phone.
    If you do NOT use a headset, then only one person at a time can have their microphone turned on or else it will create an echo.
  7. To let Support see YOU, click on this button and a new window will pop up with YOU in it...Santa can see it too. You MUST have a WebCam and its software already installed on your computer in order to do this.
  8. Want to send a sound through to Support? Click on this button and choose from the list of sounds in the menu that pops on the sound you want to send through.
  9. Want to add in your text an emoticon? Click on this button and choose from the list of smiley faces in the menu that pops on the face you want to add to your text.
  10. Want to record your visit with Support? Click on this button and it will start recording. To stop the recording, just click on that button again. The file will automatically be saved into your you can easily change the name of that file to something like "R4UsSupport12-12-05"
  11. Want to let Support know that you want to ask him a question? Just type even 1 letter into your text box and then click on this button
  12. Want to show Support a picture of something specific that is on a webpage like from any website? Just type in (or copy and paste in) the website page url or address into the iC address bar and hit your Enter key on your keyboard. This will pop up a new window showing the webpage with the website on it for Support to see.
  13. Want to use some little typing short-cuts where all you type for example would be "h" and when you hit the Enter button on your keyboard, "Hellloooooo!" pops up for you? Here is a list of all the default "Auto Type" settings:
    brb I'll be righttttt Bacckkkk !
    ga Good Afternoon
    gj Good Job!
    gm Good Morning
    i I
    imho In MY very "humble" opinion...
    imo In MY opinion...
    lmao Laughing my backside off !
    lol Laughing out loud !
    mm Somebody made some Money !
    np No Problem...
    rofl Rolling on the Floor !
    roflmao Rolling on the Floor - Laughing my backside off !
    rotflmao Rolling on the Floor - Laughing my backside off !
    sh short
    sld sold
    thx Thanks !
    tks Thanks !
    tnx Thanks !
    tu Thank You
    ty Thank You !
    ur your
    wtg Way to Go !
    yw You're Welcome
  14. There are some other things that can be done with this software that you may like to try using if you had your own room. To learn about all the features this software has, just click on this button to read more about them.
  15. When its time to leave the Resource4Us Support Room, click on this button to end your session. Click on this button to close the room window. Right-click on the icon near your clock and scroll up to 'Exit' and left-click on it to turn the iC software off completely.
Apple Mac and Linux Users

This method allows you to listen to and view the presentation / meeting and to communicate via text chat with the presenters. You will not be able to talk with the presenters when using this method of access. The latest version of Sun Java is required. Click on the logo to check that your Java system is up to date.

The Java iC room has a different look:

If you want to get your own iC room, simply go to the Resource4Us iPowerWorld Website

Should you need any assistance, Email Resource4Us Support

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