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1.  How much of a variety should I have in my portfolio?
You should have as many as possible for your clients to choose from which you can build up over time.
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2.  I want to build a business. How much do I have to spend to get started?
The enrollment costs vary anywhere from $0.00 on up, but you should budget to include some type of marketing. The key is to not dip into your bill budget while you are building. Giving up a night out or other such extra's is okay, but don't risk your utilities or house payment. Persistence and Perseverance will begin to build your capital for further growth.
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3.  I'm not familiar with all the internet tools. Where can I get them and how do I learn to use them?
Many internet company's offer various tools but too many times do not offer the training to their clients needed for efficient use. This is why we recommend subscribing to The Newbie Club and The Classified Club where tools are available and training is provided to learn how to use these tools. See the Portfolio page for this.
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