Resource4Us Code of Ethics
Resource4Us is an expanding family.  As our growth brings new members, it becomes increasingly critical that Resource4Us maintains and enforces a high level of moral and ethical responsibility.
Acting with common purpose, Resource4Us and our Subscribers are often viewed by the public as a whole.  Therefore, it is our shared duty to one another and to Resource4Us itself to hold our heads and minds high. Resource4Us will always do its best to provide a quality service.  Moreover, Resource4Us pledges the highest ethical standards in the network direct sales industry for itself and its Subscribers.
The following ethical principles are based upon Resource4Us core values of service, social justice, dignity, as well as worth of the person or persons involved in all our relationships.  We cannot overstress the importance of integrity and competence.  These principles set forth ideals to which all Resource4Us Subscribers should aspire.
  1. While expanding my Sales Group, I will employ techniques and strategies that reflect positively on Resource4Us, for all that affects Resource4Us ultimately affects myself.  I know that, at all times, I represent the entire Resource4Us family.
  2. I will familiarize myself with the ethics of Resource4Us, with the laws of my industry, the rules and regulations of my company, and strive to obey them in spirit and in letter.  I will endeavor to comply with all the laws of the land.  I will know and respect existing laws pertaining to my actions.
  3. I will be loyal to my Sales Group and to Resource4Us.  I will not make promises I cannot keep.  I shall fulfill all commitments I make.  To the best of my ability, I will provide training and encouragement to those with whom I work, as I realize that information is the key to all futures.  I will honor the individual and Resource4Us agreements and respect all assigned responsibilities.  Honoring one's commitments is the heart of integrity and honesty.
  4. While conveying the Resource4Us System, Product and Opportunity to potential clients in the best possible manner, I will accurately reflect my personal earnings, and those of my Sales Group, without resorting to exaggeration or unrealistic potentials.  I will give honest evaluations of Resource4Us potential, including my own analysis of possible risks as well as rewards.  I will never make outlandish or unrealistic time-frame income opportunity claims.  I recognize that not only is this fraud, but also that the Resource4Us System and Product and/or opportunity requires no such false distortions to realize success.
  5. Should a disagreement arise, I will try to resolve it, in writing if necessary, in the spirit of honest cordiality that comes with fairness and a clear conscience.
  6. As a Resource4Us Subscriber, I will contribute to society and human well-being.  This principle concerning the quality of life of all people affirms an obligation to protect fundamental human rights and to respect the diversity of all cultures.
  7. I will be fair and take action not to discriminate. Resource4Us holds high the values of equality, tolerance, respect for others, and the principles of equal justice that govern the United States of America.
  8. I will strive to achieve the highest quality, effectiveness, and dignity, in my efforts for myself, my Sales Group, and Resource4Us.
  9. As a Resource4Us Subscriber, I hold in trust an obligation to properly inform others, and to set a high standard of moral credibility.
  10. I recognize the importance of referring the Resource4Us System and Product and/or Opportunity in support of our overall goals, and will describe them honestly and without exaggeration.
  11. I shall always abide by all Resource4Us Policies and Procedures, at all times.
  12. I will consistently communicate with Resource4Us on new updates, keeping myself well-informed and knowledgeable of Product and Opportunity and any laws of state, county or local government amendments or revisions as part of conducting my business.
  13. As an Independent Resource4Us Subscriber, I am a leader.  I will communicate and assist my own Sales Group on a consistent basis, never failing to support, update, and educate them.
  14. I will remember always that the future of Resource4Us depends on not only intellectual and technical excellence, but moral and ethical honesty.
Resource4Us will treat violations of this ethical code as a breach of the Resource4Us Subscriber agreement.  Adherence to our Code of Ethics is not merely a voluntary matter.  For the good of all, if a Subscriber does not follow this code, and is found guilty of engaging in gross misconduct, their Resource4Us Subscription will be terminated.

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